Logistics services of NLK

National Logistics Company LLC offers to its clients the following range of services:

Motor transportation

Transportation of wide range of cargoes throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, former CIS countries, using motor vehicles. To arrange delivery by road we use our own fleet of container trucks.

Huge experience of work with wide range of goods and customs regimes – export, import, transit – makes it possible to arrange proper documentation for transportation and provide cargo safety throughout the route.

Multimodal transportation of cargo

Multimodal transportation is cargo transportation within one contract carried out by different means of transport.

Gained experience of work in the sphere of containerized, motor, rail and sea transportation makes it possible to offer high-quality and efficient delivery of your cargoes, complete documentation and consultations throughout the route.

International transportation of containerized cargoes by sea

Containerized cargo transportation by specialized vessels – container carriers per fixed schedule in international traffic.

We have exclusive contracts with all sea carriers in Novorossiysk - Maersk, MSC, Hapag Lloyd, ZIM, OOCL, Evergreen, COSCO, Yang Ming, Arkas, CMA CGM, which makes it possible to offer to each client an individual route plan and cargo delivery dates.

Rail transportation

Transportation of wide range of cargoes throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and former CIS countries using railway rolling stock – covered railroad cars, open cars, hopper cars, flat cars. We provide the complete package of services in the sphere of rail freight forwarding: calculation and payment of railway rates, providing of rolling stock, railcars tracing, documentation for rail transportation, Consignor’s services, payment of terminal expenses at railway stations: Novorossiysk, Protoka, Poltavskaya, Timashevskaya, Zarechnaya, etc.

Terminal handling of cargo

Direct contracts with port operators – PJSC “NCSP”, JSC “NLE”, JSC “SRZ”, LLC “NUTEP”, LLC “TUMT”, PJSC “VMTP”, JSC “Rostov Port”, LLC “Rostov universal port”, etc. – make it possible to offer to our clients cargo transshipment in the Port’s territory, as well as cargo handling at dock-side terminals.

We can arrange transshipment of general, bulk, oversized cargoes by variants: “container – motor vehicle”, “container – railcar”, “motor vehicle – container”, railcar – motor vehicle”, “motor vehicle – vessel”, “railcar – vessel”; marking, lashing, cargo wrapping by stretch film, containers equipping for transportation of absorbent and bulk cargoes, cargo transportation in flexi tanks; cargo location on open and covered storage yards.

Customs clearance of cargo

Customs clearance of cargo is a process of goods and transport means placing under specific customs procedure and completion of this procedure in accordance with the requirements and regulations of Customs Code of the Russian Federation.

We can offer to you:

  • Prior analyses and checking of provided package of documents;
  • Goods classification in accordance with HS code and providing the information concerning permits;
  • Calculation of customs duties sum, providing information on customs duties rates;
  • Assistance in obtaining of expert’s reports and certificates;
  • E-declaration of goods (customs clearance for export in Novorossiysk);
  • Settlement of disputable issues during customs clearance


We can offer to you the following range of services in the ports of Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Azov, Yeysk and Temryuk:

  • Fulfillment of formalities related to vessel entering the port, staying in port and leaving the port: assistance in giving the berth for the vessel, providing floating crafts (towboats, motor boats, etc.), as well as pilotage;
  • Assistance in arrangement of vessel supply and its servicing in port: vessel fueling (bunkering), food and technical provision, vessel repair arrangement;
  • Arrangement of crew members change;
  • Preparation of documents for cargo and assistance in promptest performing of cargo handling operations;
  • Payment of sums subject for payment in relation to vessel’ staying in port upon shipowner and vessel master’s demand;
  • Shipowners’ interests protection before the customs authorities, cargo owners, etc.

Vessels chartering

To charter a vessel is to conclude a sea vessel hire contract for cargo delivery depending on the Client’s demands and transportation features of the carried goods. Depending on shipping route and transportation features of the cargo we choose a sea vessel by type and technical specifications.

Oversized and overweight load transportation

Our company has huge experience in both oversized and overweight load transportation.

We can offer the following services:

  • Oversized load transportation;
  • Overweight load transportation;
  • Special-purposed machines transportation;
  • Providing rail transporters for transportation;
  • Providing of trawls;
  • Development of loading and lashing plans;
  • Assistance in preparation of permits required for oversized load transportation;
  • Arrangement of escorting by special-purpose machines

Only high level specialists of our company work with documents. Our company’s managers are always ready to provide the client with all required information. This makes our company’s clients be sure that every cargo will be documented and delivered within the shortest possible time in the most efficient and safe way.

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